Hey there! Not sure how you found you way here, but thanks for visiting my blog and welcome to my, hopefully, informative and entertaining, stream of consciousness.

A Quick Bio Breakdown

My name is Luke Chui. I’m currently living in the perpetually chilly city of San Francisco trying to figure out my life. In the past, I worked on building the future of identity at Truework, spent some time on k8s Operators at Confluent, the mortgage experience at Blend, bond traders at Neighborly (rip), and metrics data at Snap. Academically speaking, I studied at UCLA, where I was fortunate enough to explore Computer Science and build/lead budding communities like Bruin Entrepreneurs and LA Hacks.

As for personal endeavours, I am actively seeking out stories and storytellers of all mediums, yet mostly through film. I also love rock climbing, framing shots through a Nikon D800, wild concerts, and frequent spontenous trips worldwide.

S-Tier Rankings

The Street Fighter power ranking system is probably the easist way to describe some of my interests and favorites. Ranging from S down to F tier, this system elegantly constructs a personalized pyramid of likes and dislikes. Providing full power rankings for the categories below would be overkill for an About page, so I’ll just share some of my S-tier rankings as of Dec. 2021.

Questions for the World

To complement my power rankings, I’ll also provide running set of open-ended questions that guide my reading selections, conversations, and introspections. If you have been thinking about any of these or have questions you would like to pose me, I would love to chat with you!

  • How do you build and maintain culture? A company’s or nation’s culture is the social fabric that binds everyone, where any fraying can lead to uncomfortable working/living conditions. How is a group’s culture upheld and what are the guiding forces for its evolutions?
  • Is it possible to have a perfectly unbiased media publication? News media companies/platforms are accredited with exacerbating America’s divisiveness by publishing content with obvious social/political penchants. Can we reduce media bias through science? Can we reduce media bias through culture?
  • What happens once everyone has the tools to learn and build? The defacto hypothesis depicts a world of more innovation and societal equity, but something tells me that reality will deviate from the expectation.
  • Are middle-men an antiquated concept? Over the last decade, we have witnessed D2C companies and various startups tackle inefficiencies in industries across the board. Can technology solutions permanently displace middle-man actors with platforms/marketplaces?
  • What is the world’s best rooftop bar? Willing to travel anywhere for this.

For some scatterbrained, long-ish form content, check out some of my blog posts and don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or a message on twitter if you want to chat!