At the start of the month, a socially responsible, Covid-19 negative group of friends and I went on a trip to Lake Tahoe! After months of hardcore quarantining, short excursion with friends new and old was a much needed respite from the droll of now, conventional isolation. This month’s drop features photos almost entirely from our weekend away, where I focused on expanding my color palatte and tried some new experiments. Enjoy!

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Framing SpencerWong Kar-Wai inspired cabin shot ft. Spencer Chang

Embarcadero MannequinLate night shoot on Embarcadero ft. store front mannequin

Anshul in RedPlaying around with translucent, colored cups ft. Anshul Aggarwal

Tahoe TreetopsLight looked cool shining through the treetops in Lake Tahoe

Meetings at the LakeHardcore meeting attender ft. Amy Jin

Splash from our BoatObligatory splash droplets photo from our speed demon boat.

Special Guests:

For more photos, feel free to check out my unsplash or flickr!