For the past couple of months, my local grocery store has had a “buy one, get one free” for any box of Cheez-Its. This only meant one thing: I had to try as many flavors as possible. Below is a list of the top 10 flavors I’ve had the honor of trying. I’m not ashamed of it at all.

Also, I must note that I have not tried every flavor, so if you don’t see one here, that probably means I haven’t had it yet or I don’t have a strong enough opinion to put in the top 10. Let’s get started!

10. Cheddar Jack

Cheddar Jack

Not a bad flavor. It makes the top ten over flavors like extra toasty and pizza.

9. Pepper Jack

Pepper Jack

I dig the kick, but if kicks, it gotta kick harder.

8. Hot & Spicy

Hot & Spicy

It does everything pepper jack does but better. A milder version of hot cheetos.

7. Extra Big

Extra Big

I was really surprised that I enjoyed this one. You get more original deliciousness per square. Everyone should try this one at least once.

6. Duoz: Jalapeno & Cheddar Jack

Jalapeno & Cheddar Jack

Duoz are either fantastic or hot garbage. Not as hot as the hot & spicy but that’s perhaps a good thing. More snackable and more flavorful.

5. Duoz: Bacon & Cheddar

Bacon & Cheddar

The top 5 were extremely hard to rank; this flavor has the potential to break the top three. Literally breakfast in your mouth and a roadtrip snack comparable to Ranch Corn Nuts.

4. Italian Four Cheese

Italian Four Cheese

Growing up, I loved eating flavor blasted goldfish. Italan Four Cheese has a similar powdery coating to each square with a zesty, cheesy flavor to boot.

3. The Original Cheez-It


It would be a crime to not put the Original flavor in the top three. So much nostalgia. Like going on a field trip in grade school.

2. White Chedar

White Cheddar

I have no idea how the Cheez-It comapny did it, but they made not one but two flavors better than the original. I’ve probably had white cheddar the most out of all the flavors. I could eat it any time of day. Soft and supple with the white cheddar zing. Can you ask for more?

1. Duoz: Sharp Cheddar & Parmasean

Sharp Cheddar & Parmasean

Quite possibly the most slept on flavor of all time. Sharp Cheddar is Goten and Parmasean is Trunks. Together, they can overcome any evil.

Horrible Flavors

Some flavors the Kellogg Company needs to stop the production of immediately. Y’all were really on one making these.

  • Grooves: Zesty Ranch: Who in their right mind thought that this was okay?
  • Grooves: Bold Cheedar Crackers: I respect the attempt, although it is bit too bold for my taste.
  • Duoz: Caramel Popcorn & Cheddar Snack Mix: Some people like the sweet and salty, but I, personally, don’t have the palatte for it.
  • Reduced Fat: Can’t believe this exists. Kinda defeats the purpose of the snack.
  • Whole Grain: Yikes.

Cover Photo: A Box of Cheez-Its. It is what it is.