If I’m not eating noodles in the morning, I’m often eating a Chobani yogurt cup. There are many days when I actually have both. Since my Cheez-It rankings is easily my most popular post, I figured I’d give the people what they want and post some more ranking blog posts.

10. Vanilla


Ol’ Reliable. Very calm and patient flavor. I don’t have it as much as I should.

9. Mixed Berry

Mixed Berry

Fun medley of tastes. I appreciate the textures the small seeds provide.

8. Whole Milk Plain

Whole Milk Plain

This one deserves the 8th spot simply because of its utility in other dishes. Non-fat/low fat could never.

7. Black Cherry

Black Cherry

Always pleasantly surprised whenever I have this one. I expect it to be distasteful, but it never fails to deliver.

6. Blackberry


Berries and yogurt are a match made in heaven. No flame to the mixed berry, but the flavors with one berry allow that berry to shine so much more.

5. Blueberry


An edgier version of blackberry with a more prominent taste.

4. Mango


Simply brilliant. No complaints.

3. Coffee


Certainly an acquired taste, but I’m here for it. I’ve easily had coffee flavor more than any other flavor. Subtle, creamy, delicious.

2. Raspberry


Yogurt flavors aside, I love raspberries and raspberry flavor goods. No surprise I enjoy this one so much.

1. Peach


If this flavor was a dog, it would be a golden retriever. When you mix the chunks of fruit at the bottom of the cup together with the yogurt, you get a playful mix of textures and flavors. There is no better fruit you can pair with Greek Yogurt.

Horrible Flavors

Who the fuck approved these? All these flavors don’t belong in a yogurt.

  • Coconut: Yikes
  • Lemon and Cream: Tart af, no good.
  • Banana and Cream: What in the world.
  • Strawberry: I’m just tryna piss people off :)
  • Honey and Cream: HUH?

Cover Photo: A cow about to moo at your dumbass.