Today, I’m proud to announce that I’ve released my first piece of art into the world! But first comes the far more important thing. Maaaaasssive shoutout to my man Dan for dropping his first single – detro!!! If you’re reading this Dan, I want to say that I’m mad proud and I’m honoured that you’ve brought me along for the journey. Dan and I met at the climbing gym a couple years ago, where we spend the vast majority of our time talking about everything music. As part of the single release, he asked me to put together some visuals for a music video. I’ve been playing around with hydra for the past few months and used this wonderful tool to make a visualizer for this piece. It was a somewhat quick and dirty job, but Dan and I are both very happy with how it came out. To watch the full music video, feel free to check it out on YOUTUBE (and don’t forget to subscribe :D).

Since I gotta plug my work at least a little bit on my own blog, here’s a screenshot for you all:


detro - xvstek

WHAT A TUNE!!! Dropping all the links here too:

Also, gotta shoutout Marcus who is the dancer in the music video!

Show the man some love, everyone!

Cover Photo: the man himself, Dan May!!!