1. Internet Only Access

Starting today and for the next 14 days, urspace will be providing a series of prompts for people share their introspections. Today’s prompt is: What’s something you wouldn’t normally tell a stranger but can put on the internet?

Another Dimension

One of the biggest fears I have is the fear of losing intellectual elasticity as I grow older. That means being unable to do things like learn different skills or develop opposing opinions. After graduating with a computer science degree and starting full-time employment writing software, I realized that centering my life primarily around things related to entrepreneurship, engineering, and Silicon Valley was starting to narrow my perspectives, conversation topics, and even, aimless thoughts. I started to feel like just another cookie-cutter person working in Bay Area and really wanted to experience something different – new feelings, new insights, or simply new conversations. Throughout my time at UCLA, I loved listening to music and made a ton of extremely artistic and creative friends, so I thought it was time to explore that world. I started going to more concerts, picked up photography, and rekindled my love for film. Having that more creative side of my life to counterbalance my rigorously technical side started opening my mind to ideas within color, expression, identity that engineering communities unfortunately, severely undervalue and under appreciate.

I want to tell a story

Recently, I have been obsessed with the art of telling a story. After watching movies like Tokyo Story, In the Mood for Love, and Taxi Driver, I was amazed at how these directors and screenplay writers come up with and manifest these poignant yet groundbreaking narratives and am more blown away by the beauty and intricacy behind some of the more humanist films. Between music, photo, and film, I find film to be the most interesting and satisfying creative outlet. A goal of mine for 2020 is to write and publish a screenplay that tells a compelling story people everywhere can relate to. This short film screenplay is going to focus on a the evolving relationship between a child and their parent as their parent’s life nears an end, highlighting some of the inflection points of that bond. I’m still in the early stages of the writing and hopefully will have something worthy of sharing with the world!

Cover photo: a random couple at carmel beach, ca