A Quick Interlude

Until now, the Weekend Warrior series has highlighted only random readings, small hacks, or weekend climbing trips. Every article of this edition has been a fun, self-contained episode of a highlight of my life. These 500 word articles are very fun to write, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. That said, I want to use this platform to try something new.

For the next few months (or longer), I’m going to publish some posts that dive deeper into a music/engineering/ai project I want to ship by the end of the year. I’m calling this project the Lukebox – a modern take on the jukebox. Those who may know me personally know how much I love listening music and how much more I love discovering new music and sharing new music with my friends. The entire #buildinpublic movement, where people publicize their entire software development journey, has been growing on me, so I’m going to use my blog as my platform to share what I’m learning and building with anyone who finds their way here! Hopefully, you all can enjoy the writing and take away new skills or ideas!

Also, if you have some songs (or research papers about recommender systems or blog posts or movies) you’d like to recommend me, please send them my way! :D

Cover Photo: that’s me staring deep into your soul