At its core, the Lukebox is music recommendation service. Under the hood, most modern recommendation services, like those at Google or Pinterest, are very complex machine learning systems. To be honest with everyone, I understand very little about machine learning. I’ve been a backend/infrastructure engineer for the last few years. I love learning by doing slightly more than I enjoy learning by reading, so the Lukebox is a great opportunity for me to dive into a new field of computer science and engineering.

For the forseeable future, this blog post is going to be pinned to the top of my website, so people who visit this site can keep up with what I’m reading. There’s going to be a list of articles, videos, and papers that discuss interesting topics in machine learning, and if I really feel like it, I’ll put a summary of my learnings for each listing. I hope you all enjoy and learning something new!

Doing My Homework

As the hero section of this personal website says, I’m finding joy in learning (or doing my best to do so).


Recommendation Systems

ML Ops


LLM evals is a space I’ve become more interested in lately. Lots of cool companies building tooling in this space too.

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