What is it?

Recently, I’ve been consuming a ton of content. Everything from publications to magazines to book reviews to full length essays and papers. From this consumption, I’ve noticed that the majority of pieces focus only on one film, era, etc. and rarely on a progression of an idea. Indeed a trite notion, a series titled “Past, Present, Future” enables analysis on a timescale. Essays about the evolution of a movement of cinema. The development of a director’s work throughout their career. Discussion of themes present since the birth of cinema. And those are all film oriented. Who knows what we can uncover when we dig into music, literature, fine art, or even manga!

Why am I doing this?

This year has been quite tumultuous to say the least. A succession of white-knuckle events have led me to today, primed and anxious for the future. Most of my friends worry for me, rightfully so. But, there are a few bullish of my current position. All I know is that I’m hungrier than ever before, and I’m all too fortunate at the moment. I thought of the idea of this essay series on a whim, so it’s definitely subject to change. Going to take it piece by piece and see how it goes!

Hope everyone can enjoy and learn something along the way, for I, too, am a humble student alongside you all!

Cover Photo: The man himself, Wong Kar-Wai, stogin hard, dreaming about the moment.