Thank you Hao for the absolutely wonderful gift. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a big manga fan. Manga and comics are two art forms that are broadly overlooked, often deemed “childish” or passed on for their video counterpart.

Projecting Time: ~5 hours to read. 2 hours for blog post.

Understanding the Invisible Art of Comics by Scott McCloud

This “book” stands as a much needed anthology of the art of comics.

Snapshots from the Comic Book

I normally provide a list of quotes from the books I read, but for this book specifically, just sharing a quote without the artwork would do the work injustice. In the movie, “Paterson” Directed by Jim Jarmusch, at the end of the film, Paterson (lead) and a Japanese man share an exchange in a park, and when Paterson asks the Japanese man if he could read his poetry in a translated form, the Japanese man replies, “Reading a translated poem is like taking a shower with your raincoat on.” Though the context of that quote is about literature, quoting a comic without its drawings takes away so much from the art like how a translation can feel peculiar or empty. Now, without further ado and without spoiling too much, here’s a selection of panels I found intriguing.

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Cover Photo: the cover of the book